Ultra High Strength Proppants

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Designed for the harshest environments, Saint-Gobain's ultra high strength proppant Titan™ incorporates new technology and patented materials to deliver superior performance without superior cost.

Saint-Gobain Proppants has recently completed field trials of their ultra high strength proppant Titan™ in deep E. TX vertical wells with closure pressures approaching 12,500 psi and bottomhole temperatures above 300°F. Initial production results are exceeding expectations. The operator is considering using Titan™ for all their vertical completions in the area.

SPE 170311 describes advances in material science that enabled development of this novel, cost effective ultra high strength product with thermal and chemical stability suitable for deep-water conditions.

Click here to access the study: www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-170311-MS

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An extreme proppant for the most extreme reservoir conditions

  • The strongest proppant available today
  • Maintains optimal conductivity in temperatures up to 450°
  • Operates at up to 30,000 psi closure stress


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