Intermediate Strength Proppants

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Williams County, ND

Intermediate Strength Proppants deliver solid, reliable performance in a cost-effective bauxite based proppant. It provides excellent performance over a wide range of high stress environments. Intermediate Strength Proppant is available as Interprop® in various API defined sizes and as VersaProp®, our most popular sieve distribution.

VersaProp® is InterProp material in a proprietary sieve distribution that maximizes conductivity while minimizing cost. It could be considered to be similar to a coarse 20/40, with about 6% specified to be retained on the 18 mesh screen. With a slightly larger mean particle diameter than most 20/40 proppants, it provides higher conductivity than 20/40 under many stresses, and with a slightly broader sieve distribution, it is more economical to produce.

InterProp® and VersaProp® are the right choice for most high stress applications.

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Why is VersaProp® better?


The right combination of performance and value

  • Delivers solid, reliable performance in a cost-effective intermediate strength proppant
  • Particularly well suited to wells with low-to-moderate permeability, delivering excellent conductivity
  • Offered in standard sieve distributions: 16/30, 20/40, 30/50 and 40/80


Greater strength, conductivity and productivity

  • Made from an intermediate bauxite ore that is stronger than similarly priced economy lightweight ceramics
  • Maintains its patented median particle diameter, even under tremendous downhole stress
  • Delivers higher conductivity per dollar than any other ceramic proppant over a wide range of stresses