High Strength Proppants

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For higher stress applications, Sintered Bauxite is the right choice. A very high strength, high performance proppant, Sintered Bauxite maintains excellent conductivity in the most demanding environments. Sintered Bauxite is available in various API defined sieve distributions and as UltraProp®, which is Sintered Bauxite in our patented and popular VersaProp® sieve distribution.

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Superior conductivity and value

  • Engineered using the VersaProp® sieve distribution, with a slightly larger median particle diameter (MPD) – the single most significant factor influencing conductivity
  • Greater conductivity and permeability per dollar than competing high-strength products, which can translate to reduced fracturing treatment costs
  • Slightly larger API sieve distribution than other 20/40 high-strength proppants (the reason for its increased conductivity)

Sintered Bauxite

The right choice for the deepest wells

  • Withstands the enormous pressure and closure stresses of deep wells
  • Maintains excellent conductivity in the most demanding environments
  • Offered in standard sieve distributions: 16/30, 20/40, 30/50 and 40/80


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